Novice Competition — $140

Our six-week Novice class is designed to prepare the dog and handler team to compete for the AKC companion dog obedience title. Emphasis is on heelwork, formal recalls with finishes, stand for examination and group sit and down stay exercises. Obedience rules, different training methods and techniques, proofing and problem solving are discussed, explored and integrated into the team’s training regime.

Open Competition — $140

In this six-week class the team learns the additional skills needed for the AKC companion dog excellent obedience title. These exercises include a positively based, reliable retrieve, drop on recall, high jump retrieve, broad jump and command discrimination exercises.

Rally Obedience — $140

Our six-week Rally class prepares the dog and handler for Novice, Advanced, and Excellent and Master levels of AKC Rally obedience. Classes include both skill building exercises and Rally course work.

Conformation Handling — $10 drop-in

Learn the art and science of breed ring showmanship. This drop in class is designed with both the novice and experienced conformation handler in mind. Class time will include stacking (both hand and free), gaiting and ring procedure. Email sign up for the class weekly to attend.